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The Benefits of Preparing for Summer Storage Early

Parker C.
February 9, 2024
5 min read

For university students, the looming task of summer storage can add stress to an already busy schedule filled with exams and coursework. However, early preparation can alleviate this stress and ensure the safe storage of your belongings. In this post, we'll explore the advantages of preparing for summer storage ahead of time and offer practical tips to kickstart the process.

1. Stress-Free Planning

Early preparation grants you ample time to plan and organize your belongings systematically. By avoiding the rush of last-minute packing, you can minimize stress and ensure nothing crucial gets left behind.

2. Secure Preferred Storage

Booking your storage space early ensures your belongings are stored securely, without the worry of limited availability. At Fellow, our per-item storage model offers flexibility, allowing you to store precisely what you need without unnecessary costs.

3. Cost Savings

Take advantage of early-bird discounts offered by services like Fellow, rewarding proactive students who reserve their storage space in advance. Saving on storage costs leaves more room in your budget for other summer expenses.

4. Budget Planning

Early preparation allows for comprehensive budget planning regarding your storage needs. Take the time to research different storage options and promotional offers, maximizing your savings potential.

5. Decluttering Opportunity

Start decluttering early to streamline your storage process. Discard or donate items you no longer need, optimizing space and simplifying packing and unpacking tasks.


At Fellow, we recognize the importance of early preparation for summer storage among university students. Our commitment to providing useful tips and guidance ensures a seamless transition for storing your belongings over the summer break. Reach out to us today to discover more about our per-item storage solutions and how we can assist you in preparing for summer storage.