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How Self-Storage Saves You Money

Nihad K.
November 1, 2023
5 min read

Whether you're relocating or simply running out of space, self-storage solutions offer a cost-effective way to manage your belongings. Here are three ways storing your items with self-storage can help you save money:

1. Save on Rent Expenses

With rent prices soaring, storing your belongings in a self-storage unit while in-between living arrangements can save you a significant amount. Instead of paying rent for a space solely dedicated to storing items, utilize self-storage and sublet your clean apartment space to cover your rent costs. When you're ready to move back in, retrieve your items from storage and seamlessly transition back into your apartment.

2. Reuse Items and Avoid Repurchasing

Rather than selling items due to space constraints and later repurchasing them, store them temporarily until you have space again. Avoid the hassle and expense of selling and repurchasing by utilizing self-storage. At Fellow, we offer individual item storage solutions, allowing you to store items for as long as needed until you can reuse them, saving you money in the long run.

3. Cut Moving Expenses

Moving expenses can quickly add up, especially when hiring professional movers. Save on moving costs by storing your belongings yourself. Schedule a pickup with Fellow before your moving day, and our team will collect your items and store them until you're ready to move, free of charge. With Fellow, a 10 by 10 storage room is only $229, inclusive of unique features and unparalleled security.

At Fellow, we believe in providing cost-efficient self-storage solutions without compromising on security. With our digital monitoring system and restricted facility access, your belongings are safeguarded around the clock. Plus, our flexible retrieval options ensure you can access your items whenever needed, ensuring peace of mind and convenience.

Ready to save money with self-storage? Contact Fellow today to discover how we can meet your storage needs while prioritizing affordability and security.